The Sims 4 – A Training Simulator for Serial Killers

When we think of a training simulation for serial killers our minds often conclude that violent video games are to blame. However EA’s latest release The Sims 4 is obviously not a blood spattered shooter or a standard gory role playing game in which you hit things and they die, however because killing doesn’t come as easy as shooting your Sim in the face, it requires tact on the players part. This is where a true simulation for a serial killer would make its home. The Sims 4 made Sim fan headlines as it proposed to make the Sims feel more real than previous games. The Sim franchise has been notorious as being a fun and humorous simulated experience of everyday life and social interactions. The Sims have always kept the danger of death in play by making it possible for your Sim to die not just from old age but for instance by accidentally being electrocuted by trying to fix broken electronics or caught on fire from a faulty stove. The Sims 4 keeps all these elements and then some with the now new emotions, the sims emotions are dictated by actions that can elevate their mood or make their world come crashing down. EA has pushed the boundaries with The Sims 4 by now making it possible for your Sim to die by emotion, yes the expression “I’m so embarrassed I could actually die” is evidently possible in The Sims 4. All these factors may make it sound like your Sim is a walking death bomb, but be assured it is not so easy for your Sim to be killed as their AI are programmed to react promptly in these life or death situations. This means you have to get creative if you want to purposely murder your Sim, this requires creative plotting and exposes the audience to criminal actions by carrying out murders in the game to entice their inner killer.

Let me start by explaining the many ways in which it is possible to creatively and very morbidly murder your Sim in The Sims 4. There are several natural causes of death and more from the emotions can kill you category. Do you have an inner pyromaniac dying to get out? Well The Sims 4 accommodates this. Burn your Sim alive and while you’re at it set the whole house on fire if you wish.


Yes, death by barbeque is a very a real option after making my Sim cook up a bunch of burgers a fire finally broke out. The video below is evidence of the events that transpired afterwards. Warning, this video may contain confronting imagery, viewer discretion is advised.

Want to force your Sim on a diet that has gone too far? Try death by starvation. This one is particularly cruel as it involves trapping your Sim in a room with no doors so that there is no way they can access food while your not watching.

I had already tried this with a Sim that wasn’t a child so i was curious to see what would happen if i deliberately neglected one, in the cruelest of ways of course. My child Sim is behind a wall in another room, starving to death, while i lay out plates of food in a different room.

10-27-14_4-06 PM

10-27-14_4-07 PM

I’m not even really sure how my Sim could sense food directly next to the room she was trapped in.
at least child authorities came and magically whisked her away, so there was no horrific scene of a child lying on the floor deceased and later turning into an urn.

 Are you a shock jockey maybe? You can fry your Sim alive by electrocuting them like the tiny insects they are.
This was achieved by getting my Sim to consistently repair broken electronics until they were shocked to death.

Ever wish you could submerge your victims into a cold watery tomb? With the new edition of swimming pools in this months dlc content you now can. This proves harder to do than in previous Sim games when you merely removed the pools ladder, Sims have become smarter now and are able to get out of the pool with out assistance, who would’ve thought?
Instead of removing a pool stepladder you will need to build a wall, just like starving your Sim to death, trap them so they have no choice but to keep themselves afloat and wear themselves out until eventually they swim with the fishies.

To actually murder a Sim by an emotion you have to keep them at the highest level of that emotion for a while. This can prove difficult as Sims are designed to be fickle and unpredictable. To ensure your Sim croaks soon you have to keep track of their mood and once they reach the highest stage of that particular emotion it should be time for that Grim Reaper to come a knockin… or just appear in your house.
I thought i would try this on the mood let of being mortified. The torment of subjecting my Sim to go on a date without showering or being able to use the toilet ultimately resulted in her wetting herself. To top it all off she embarrassed herself further by unsuccessfully flirting with her date who was for some reason not interested in her.

The Grim Reaper comes once again to collect my latest victim.

The aftermath of my killing spree had left me with a death toll of …

After seeing the Grim Reaper pop up 20 odd times or so i often wondered how he wasn’t sick of getting the same house call or maybe he supported my villainous behavior. At the end of the day there was no real consequence for my actions of all the manipulative ways i tried to corner, trick or trap my Sim into deaths grasp. The task was very tedious however and some kills took more patience than others. Here is an info graph below listing my various successful kill attempts.
As you can see the easier murders to accomplish are drowning, starvation and the mood let of being mortified as these instantaneously happen when you deprive your Sim. The trickier ones i found to be electrocution and fire as it involved a lot of patience on my part as a fire or electrical shock doesn’t happen instantaneously and seems more veered by chance.

 I couldn’t help but feel remorse and guilt towards my virtual pets but wondered how this might affect a generation of growing children acting out these murderous scenarios.

I believe the evidence is clear and concise. The ability to impose death in The Sims 4 creates a graphic reality one which has the ability to train a killer and adhere to their twisted desires.


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