Things Can Get Groovy in Grav

My first hand experience of Grav Reborn:

Grav is an early access sandbox survival experience by game developers Bitmonster. The game starts when you are dumped onto a hostile planet where you hunt alien creatures, craft a vast array of armor, weapons, utilities and build outposts. Just when things weren’t stressful enough in Grav, theres PVP! All in the name of hardcore survival. 20160501185903_1As stated earlier Grav is an early access game and it really does show. One of the biggest nuisances I had with this game was the combat, more specifically the melee combat. The game lags and jumps around so significantly that when attacking foes it makes it damn near impossible to strike accurate hits. The video below shows what i’m talking about.

Yes, I died.

20160501200353_1I found that the combat actually did get better once I crafted a gun. When the combat became ranged, it was much easier to accurately hit enemies and do some damage without the game jumping around all over the place. My deaths were few and far between after that, well at least until the ammo ran out, true to survival game fashion, you need to craft and scavenge EVERYTHING.
(The crafting system is quite easy to follow, I had very little hiccups with it)
(Harvesting materials is really cool with this little gadget)
Grav Poop Meme
(Ahh poop, a valuable crafting resource)

One of the things I liked about Grav is the little tutorial that appears on the side screen that actually gives you rewards when you complete tasks. These tasks range from equipping and using certain gear to crafting, harvesting or killing foes. I think this is great because unlike OTHER early access titles, Grav gives you tips on how to play this in the beginning instead of thrusting you out there without so much as a clue.soulVisually Grav is beautiful to look at, no one can fault the game for that. There was a point where I thought I was looking at these stunning lights reflecting from an outpost in the distance. Turns out it was actually ‘the souls of dead players’. When you die in Grav you leave behind little orbs that glow, other players can pick up these orbs and claim the items you’ve lost.
Grav soul meme
This game actually has awesome atmospheric music and sounds in general. The little rewards I mentioned when you follow the tutorial has the most addictive sound.

 Briiiiinnnnng, seriously the best sound. 

I’ve yet to mention the best feature of this game, ready? Okay brace yourselves cause it’s a doozy! Make sure to watch the video below.

 Dancing! Yes, that’s right. In Grav you can build a fire and dance in front of it to replenish health. These aren’t your average dance moves either, no. It turns out that in intergalactic space travel school you are taught how to bust out some funky moves.

 This grooviness alone makes Grav pretty unique to other early access, sandbox survival games on the market.
(And this)

Grav Jump MemeNow for the big Q’s.

Will I continue to play Grav? Should you play Grav?

Well to be fair I’m not ‘reviewing’ this. I’m just talking about the game and my experience in general. I understand that Grav is in early access and it seems that Bitmonster has been updating the game, the question is whether or not the game will be finished any time soon or at least released into beta.  For an early access game, Grav is a tad on the pricey end, retailing at $20.USD on Steam (this is on the Australian Steam store so thats roughly $26 AUS). I picked up Grav in a Humble Bundle deal some time back, so for me I got the game on the cheap end. Despite Grav’s shortcomings I must say I did get enjoyment out of the game and I do look forward to further updates on it in the future. If this game is your sort of thing, I would recommend maybe just waiting until it goes on special in Steam sales to pick it up.

(All images and video recorded and screenshot from the game. Images edited by the author).


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