Victor Vran: A Witcher Sequel

Victor Vran is a hack and slash dungeon esque style game reminiscent of Diablo. It appears our reluctant hero is narrated by Doug Cockle who also voices the one and only Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher game series. I couldn’t help but be taken out of the moment when playing Victor Vran once I kept picturing Geralt doing the speaking. It doesn’t help that Victor Vran also hails from a long brotherhood association of demon hunters…

(Pretty fourth wall breaking)

In my mind I couldn’t help but humouring the idea that this is what Geralt of Rivia decided to do with his time after the events of the Wild Hunt. He went to the city of Zagoravia to find his long lost friend and liberate the city.
V Vran GeraltV Vran Combat

Geralt now looks dapper as ever. You start the game by choosing your outfit of choice. These different outfits also determine your play style.
V Vran Outfit HunterV Vran Outfit Vigilante

V Vran Outfit Cavalier

It seems Geralt has still remembered his wolf school training techniques as he is agile as ever. I loved being able to double tap my directional keys, dodging out of the way of an enemies line of fire and attacks.
V Vran Combat 2
Geralt has now abandoned his use of basic signs and opted for more complicated magic/special skills. These different spells/skills are called ‘demon powers’ and are either bought, picked up or rewarded as you level up. To use these additional skills you’ll need to build up ‘overdrive’. This yellow bar will replenish when fighting enemies.
V Vran RewardsV Vran Demon Different Demon Powers
(Currently I have this demon power equipped)
V Vran Overdrive Bar

It seems Gwent, the ever popular card playing game as far as the Pontar makes a reappearance but not in the way you would expect. In Victor Vran they are simply called ‘destiny cards’ and they are greatly utilised for choosing different perks and skills. Such as more gold drops, better critical hits or more health replenishment in combat etc.
V Vran Destiny Cards 3
Geral-errr okay I mean Victor Vran is armed with a few different weapon choices including a shotgun!
I must say the combat in this game is addictive. Being able to easily switch between your primary and secondary weapon makes combat quick and strategic. You can mix up melee attacks with a combination of ranged (or whatever you wish your secondary weapon to be).
V Vran Inventory Weapons

(I’m rolling with a scythe and shotgun)

Humour aside the art style in Victor Vran is great. Game developers Haemimont Games have gone above and beyond to deliver a quality visual experience.
V Vran Art 3V Vran Art 2V Vran Art 4V Vran Art 1

(Beautifully rendered cut scenes)

Unlike other dungeon crawlers, Victor Vran’s combat is purely unique. There is no one way to go about defeating an enemy, instead you are given a magnitude of different skills and strategies to be utilised through your different weapon choices.

(Boss fights can be particularly unforgiving)

This game really does test your skills, you’ll have to be ever vigilant with your keyboard to time combos and criticals in quick succession.

I found Victor Vran to be such a refreshing re-emergence into the dungeon crawling genre. The only thing I will fault is that its story was some what lacking. As someone who mostly plays games for an enjoyment of story first and foremost, that judgment may be too harsh. What I will say about Victor Vran is that what you see is what you get.

A great visual experience, challenging yet fun game play and sweet sweet loot.
V Vran Loot
 (All images and video screenshot in game and edited by the author)

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