Virtual Reality: Not Just For Video Games – Introducing the Tilt Brush by Google.

For those of us who haven’t heard already the Tilt Brush by Google is a painting software program that lets you create three-dimensional artwork. The software’s key features include an array of dynamic brushes in a virtual palette. The Tilt Brush enables it’s users to walk around their very own work in a three-dimensional space. Your creations can then be shared and viewed, creating a contemporary VR art space!

The Tilt brush is currently only accessible with a HTC Vive on Steam. Like most VR headsets the cost is great, the HTC Vive will set users back $799 (£689, AU$899) currently. The Tilt Brush software itself, however, is fairly feasible in comparison, retailing at $29.99 (£ 20.79, AU$40.66).

(Sourced from:

As we hear about more and more video games being developed for the VR tech world, it’s nice to see creative art programs doing the same as well. If VR became adopted by the art world as a form of contemporary art, the possibilities could be endless. Glen Keane who is a long time famed Disney animator featured in a short film teaser for the upcoming Future of Story Telling festival. In this video Keane uses the Tilt Brush, watching his beautiful Disney creations come to life. Within the video he comments on how this sort of drawing within a three-dimensional space differs “this is not a flat drawing” he says, “this is sculptural drawing.”

(Sourced from: youtube/Glen Keane – Step into the Page)

Although it may all be spectacle watching someone else create something in VR, I can’t help but feel that this could be another stepping stone into the further possibilities of the digital art realm. Practitioners are long searching for new tools and platforms to create work in contemporary art, the Tilt Brush by Google may just be that.

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