Fallout 4: Welcome to Mod City – 8 of the coolest and weirdest Fallout 4 mods.

Bethesda recently released their own mod system on Bethesda.net. Mods can also now be accessed through the Fallout 4 main menu interface. To access this, players need to  update the game to version 1.5 and you will see the mod menu in the title screen. This lets you browse and search through a huge list of mods which you can download and install with a click of a button. Console players will be pleased to know that Bethesda will be releasing their new mod interface to XBOX ONE in May and the PlayStation 4 in June. Beta tests for mods on the XBOX ONE will commence soon. There are however some repercussions with Bethesda’s mod system. Be aware that if you install mods, ANY mods, the achievements in your game will be disabled. You’ll have to revert back to an older save without mods to earn achievements again.


After hearing about Bethesda’s new mod system, I decided to update my game to 1.5 and check out what was on there. I already had a few mods installed that I acquired from Nexus Mods. I decided to remove these just in case they caused any conflicts and start the game without any prior mods. Here are 8 of the weirdest and coolest mods I found.

1. Unlimited Followers

This was one of the first mods by expired6978 I saw pop up under the ‘popular’ category and with good reason. With this mod, you simply ask companions to follow you the way you normally would and voilà! Your companions will still mention how you’re replacing them with whoever you’ve asked to join you but that’s about it.


One thing I did find interesting was the fact that some NPCs would make comments like ‘my friend and my dog’ or pluralise ‘friends’ or ‘companions’. Even in combat when one of your followers is down, your other follower will comment on how they need help. I found this odd since the base game of Fallout 4 obviously doesn’t allow for more than one companion, so why are these NPCs even programmed to recognise the difference?

follower comment


Fallout 4 AND the Dog
AND the dog?


2. Craftable Cats

Need I say more? Seriously though, this mod by mm137 allows you to craft different types of cats only costing you a mere empty milk bottle. They’re crafted through the decor/misc section and actually boosts happiness to your settlement.

Cat Craft
Become the crazy cat lady you’ve always wanted to be!


3. Sexy Hancock 

Yes, you read right. This mod by Dysthe changes the appearance of Hancock so he looks, well, sexier. I’ll admit that I did have a crush on Hancock, he has a great sense of humour, holds his own in a fight and he was never overly judgmental of my choices. This mod makes Hancock a little easier on the eyes so you don’t have to feel too guilty about getting it on with a ghoul.

Hancock Smooth skin
Yeah, I bet you did.

Hancock 1

Hancock 2


4. Spring in the Commonwealth

This mod by foreverasir does exactly what it says. There is a similar mod called Green Commonwealth by the same modder that makes everything green, but I thought that was too colourful for a post-apocalyptic wasteland. If you would like some mild colourful flora to break up the monotonous dead barren wastes, then this mod is for you.

spring commonwealth1

Spring commonwealth


5. Change Player Height (shorter) 

Here’s one for all us shorties. This mod was made by kensie1991 and it’s pretty self-explanatory. If your short and sick of games making you the same height as everyone else (I know I am) then this mod is great. I particularly like the mod description.

changeplayer height 1

change player height 2
I’m slightly shorter than other NPC’s now.

change player height 3


6. Milk that Brahmin

This useful mod by Testudini gives you the ability to milk Brahmin! Finally! I loved this mod because it finally gave the Brahmin in my settlement a real use.

Milk Brahmin 1

Milk Brahmin 3

Milk Brahmin 2


7. Conquest: Build New Settlements and Camping 

Ever wanted to stop and make camp when the road became too weary? Recharge your batteries? With this mod by chesko now you can. The Commonwealth is now open for crafting anywhere. You can craft campfires, sleeping bags and tents, then when you’re ready just pack up, or you can choose to make a whole new settlement.

Camp Action
Simple crafting system for setting up camp.

Set Up Camp

Featuring a fireplace, cooking pot and a tent.

Create Own Outpost


8. Companion Haircuts (human only)

Ever wanted to dictate how your follower should look? Now you can with this mod by missionfloyd. For me, I was mainly concerned with giving all my male human companions beards and trendy hipster hair.

Macready 1

Macready 2


Preston 1
Except Preston became white?
Preston 2
What happened?!


There you have it! These are the 8 latest mods I’ve checked out so far. There are still a whole lot that I’ve yet to explore and I’m looking forward to installing more mods.

(Damn straight Arturo)

What are some of your favourite mods? Let me know in the comments.

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