Doom: Get Your Ass to Mars

Doom Hell

Have you ever wondered what you would get if you combined demons, Mars, brutal violence and kick ass guns? Doom would be the answer.

The beloved pioneer of FPS is back in an all-new rebooted version. Doom is a fast-paced first person shooter that is all about the action. The game wastes no time by jumping straight into the bustle. From the very start, you wake up amongst the chaos, grab a gun and immediately slay your first couple of enemies.


You soon find out that you are on planet Mars and your facility has been consequently overrun by demons – thus the bloodshed ensues.

Get Your Ass to Mars
Doom Demons
Actually on second thought….

Given, Doom’s story isn’t all that stimulating but that’s not the point of this game. Doom thrives from its extremely fast paced combat. You’ll be jumping, running and shooting foes in quick succession as the game repeatedly spawns enemies at you. Although hectic at first when you’re introduced to this, it becomes insanely fun. You’ll feel like a bad-ass as you jump around and land kills accurately, all to that cheesy 90’s rock soundtrack.


The level design in Doom is deceptively intricate. The levels are scattered with ‘secrets’ and other items that introduce an exploratory incentive to the game. (These secrets are pretty hard to find I might add, so you’ll be searching high and low).

Doom Secret

There are also instances of mini jumping puzzles which change the way you interact with some levels.

Doom Jumping Puzzles

Enemies will vary as you progress through Doom, you’ll be introduced to bigger, tougher foes that you’ll soon grow accustomed too.

Doom Enemy Descriptions

(These sounds are enough to give you chills)

Admittedly this does become repetitive, you’ll be fighting the same wave of enemies time and time again, with little variations in between. This can be particularly frustrating as Doom relies solely on checkpoint saves. When coupled with bugs, such as crashes every 30 minutes or so, I found myself repeating so many enemy instances.

Doom Demons2

The bugs in this game do need mentioning though as I have encountered a few of them, but I would only deem two of them major. For instance, as mentioned before, every time I booted up Doom, I would get maybe 30-40 minutes of play time in before the game would unexpectedly crash. This random game crash seems linked to the next bug I’ve encountered. Basically, the game thinks you’ve enabled console commands in your playthrough and consequently will disable achievements. I know for a fact that myself and many other people suffering from this bug did not enable console commands in-game, this has also happened after their game crashed. I know the developers are probably (hopefully) working on a patch to these problems but it just sucks when AAA titles are riddled with bugs like this.

Doom Bug
The Multiplayer mode was disappointing as it lacked variety. Some matches sounded interesting but the wait time for players to join was far too long.Doom Multiplayer Matches

Doom Multiplayer Lobby 1

Ultimately the only thing available was team deathmatch.

Doom Multiplayer Team Death Match 1

This multiplayer mode isn’t terrible but it could be improved upon. Maybe by adding different matches or getting rid of that tedious lobby based connection.

Doom Multiplayer Gun Customisation

Doom Multiplayer Customisation
Admittedly the most fun I had was with the in-depth character customization.
The return of the level editor makes an appearance in Doom simply titled ‘SnapMaps’. You’ll be able to play Co-op in user generated maps.Doom Snap Maps

In conjunction with a lacklustre story, I found this ‘style’ of gameplay very dated. I mean, the original Doom and games like it had its place back in the day. I feel that games since then have evolved, we should be moving forward. If you’re like me and haven’t played the original Doom games, you’ll lack a nostalgic connection to this. Having said that, I don’t think one is necessarily needed to completely enjoy this game for what it is. Hectic, gory and actually downright fun.

Doom BrutalityWhat are some of your favourite Doom moments? Let me know in the comments.


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