The Elusive Assassin’s Guild Returns

The Dark Brotherhood are back in Tamriel, and it’s great – Check out my review

Please welcome our newcontributor,Sunita Osborne! Sunita is an RPG and FPS enthusiast and is currently studying a teaching degree at the University of Queensland.


elderscrolls02What is the music of life? Silence, my brother.

Riddles, subterfuge and cold-blooded murder return. If you didn’t already have a reason toplay The Elder Scrolls Online, this DLC should very well be it. The Dark Brotherhood areback in the world of Tamriel in the latest DLC drop of The Elder Scrolls Online. You canjoin the assassin’s guild once more as you shuffle through their ranks with a whole rangeof new activities.

Dark Brotherhood kicks off on the shores of the Gold Coast, a newly opened map thatplayers can travel to. After accepting a quest to assassinate a random civilian, the DarkBrotherhood will make its presence known. That’s when things become really sinister.

Once initiated into the Dark Brotherhood, the first rule of…

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