Quaint Country Living In Stardew Valley

I’m so obsessed with this game at the moment. You can read my review below.

Are you sick of your depressing desk job? Have the qualms of modernised society got you down? Why not leave it all behind and travel to the cherished farm your grandfather left you in Stardew Valley.

StardewValley_9-1024x587Developedby Seattle’sEric Barone(akaConcernedApe), Stardew Valley is an RPG/Farming Simulator, where you can grow crops and care for animals. Farming, however, isn’t your sole purpose here. For instance, you can fish, cook, forage, craft, mine and much more. Stardew Valley takes you on a humble journey as you attempt to make ends meet, out in that fresh country air.

Stardew Valley can feel daunting at first, you’re presented with an overwhelming number of things to do that can seem like a grind to obtain. Upgrading your house and farm costs a lot of money, especially at first since planting crops takes some time to yield any real income. You’ll quickly find yourself situated…

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