Become a Grimsfield ‘Knob’

Check out my review of this great little game! It’s insightful and humorous.

grimsfield01Grimsfield, as the title would suggest depicts a grim and bleak linear world governed by incessant rules and regulations. Created by animator Adam Wells, this is his first fully-fledged attempt at making a video game, a modest tale that does its best to illustrate the nuisance of bureaucracy and cutting through red tape.

Grimsfield is a pretty straightforward game, you’re a beat poet who’s anticipating their first performance at an open mic night. You’re constantly talking to yourself or rather your brain, who’s always eager to help you out of a bind. You’re tasked with a number of objectives you’ll need to complete before you can give your performance. These objectives enable you to navigate this meagre world while conversing with amusing characters who have their own set of tribulations.

You’ll be running around a lot, going from point A to point B, picking up much needed items and fulfilling requests along the way. While helping characters enables you to…

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