Practice Makes Perfect in N++

N++ is the latest (and supposedly the last) instalment of platforming chaos from Metanet Software Inc. Having been released previously on PS4 last year, the game has finally made its way onto PCs. N++ is the sequel to the game N and N+, so you can assume what the latest title has in store for you. With over 2,360 hand-crafted levels, level editors and local co-op to name a few features, N++ will keep you more than occupied as you brace yourself for its tough obstacles.
N++ labels itself as a fast-paced, momentum-based platformer, and it’s not hard to see why. You’ll constantly be relying on speed and motion as you parkour your way up walls and platforms to master obstacles successfully. Even the way your character slides to stop in place after running, all needs to be factored in as you desperately try to evade enemies and avoid…

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