The Blood, The Gore and The Noir In Blues and Bullets Episode One: The End of Peace

The fictional city of Santa Esperanza is a particularly gloomy place that’s no stranger to incessant crime, violence and misfortune. Developed by A Crowd of Monsters, Blues and Bullets is a five-part episodic adventure set within an alternate history America. The game itself is heavily influenced by Noir tropes, in all aspects of its narrative to the highly stylised aesthetic. Blues and Bullets first episode begins with a most mysterious case as you become embroiled in this macabre narrative.


You are introduced to the infamous real-life Prohibition Agent, Eliot Ness, who within the game’s own history, has hung up his badge and whisky swivelling ways for a much humbler profession as a diner owner (eponymously named after the game’s title), that’s not exempt from some rude clientele. The game’s fictionalised history plays heavily with notorious characters and events, offering up some zany alternatives. One such character is that of Al…

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