10 Tips For Playing Horizon Zero Dawn

Finally, the game that peaked our interest way back at E3 2015 has arrived. Whether you’ve been currently playing Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn, or just picked it up, here are some useful hints to help you out in the harsh, mechanically overridden world.

1. If you haven’t noticed already, Horizon Zero Dawn is a game filled with history. When you’re out adventuring and come across rubbled city structures or archaic ruins, be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings. Data logs of audio and text are scattered around the game which helps to piece together an echo of what the world once was.

2.  Looting and crafting is a big part of Horizon Zero Dawn, but you won’t need every single thing you pick up, so sell them. Merchants will want metal shards and specific items for trade, so be sure to only sell items labelled with…

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